Project duration: July 2018 - May 2019
My role: Designing the research and production of the Master's thesis
Funded by: AVEK Digidemo for the initial concept
In collaboration with : Luyi Ma (Visual design of the thesis book), European Innovation Academy (Formulating the business plan)
Links: Thesis, prototype
Stage fright is often considered to be the most feared fear in the western world. Therapeutic treatments that make use of virtual reality have been successful at alleviating stage fright. This is because virtual reality possesses the ability to simulate an artificial environment that allows its users to feel as if they are on a stage. However, many of these treatments are expensive and not easily accessible to an average person. On the other hand, virtual reality games are easier to download while also helping their players practice and motivate them to overcome their obstacles. Using this approach, I have designed a virtual reality game titled Phobi, that is aimed at alleviating stage fright and improving its players’ public speaking skills. Phobi makes use of design guidelines that are established over the course of this research. Eventually, Phobi is tested out with a set of participants and its advantages as well as limitations are discerned.



Master's thesis about combating stage fright through a virtual reality game.


Capturing the tales of elves across Iceland through augmented reality.


A virtual reality game about regreening areas affected by climate change.

FLU - The game

Help the sneezing bird rescue eggs from the forbidden factory.

PC games

Several PC games that I have worked on using different game engines.

Holy Land

Interactive experiences centered around the conflict in the region.

Media Art

Providing otherworldly experiences and hacking genes through media art.

Jam games

Games created within the blink of an eye during various game jams.

Green Gold 2

A documentary exploring individuals who are reviving swathes of degraded lands.

Films on Water

Films narrating stories on wells, lakes & waste management in Bangalore.

City of Espoo

Promotional short films made for the City of Espoo.

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