Northern Shadows

Project duration: May - November 2017
My role: Concept and Development
Funded by: Aalto University
In collaboration with : Eero Tiainen (Concept and Development), Laura Book (Documentation)
Links: Website
Northern Shadows is a spatial symphony for a dark room, a water pool, a projector, motion-tracker Kinect and one or two participants. The actions and shadows of the participant compose an interactive light painting. Diffractions visualise something that usually stays hidden. Layers of spaces come together with never-ending movement of the water combined with calm imagery of shores. Water is a combining element between Finland and Goa, analogue and digital, visible and tactile and presence and memory.


Geosmin synthesis

Project duration: May - Dec 2009
My role: Merging art and science to design geosmin
In collaboration with : Srishti School of Art and Design, National College for Biological Sciences
Summer of 2009, I signed up for a course on synthetic biology in order to examine the ethical issues related to it. A few other students from Srishti School of Art and Design decided to participate in IGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machines) 2009 in collaboration with NCBS (National College for Biological Sciences). Through experimentation with gene splicing at NCBS, our group synthesised geosmin and use it as a perfume. Geosmin is a compound present in soil responsible for the earthly smell of rain in tropical regions. Through this process, we dealt with ethical issues related to genetic engineering. This course was a tremendous learning process and it helped us understand and bridge certain gaps between art and science.



Master's thesis about combating stage fright through a virtual reality game.


Capturing the tales of elves across Iceland through augmented reality.


A virtual reality game about regreening areas affected by climate change.

FLU - The game

Help the sneezing bird rescue eggs from the forbidden factory.

PC games

Several PC games that I have worked on using different game engines.

Holy Land

Interactive experiences centered around the conflict in the region.

Media Art

Providing otherworldly experiences and hacking genes through media art.

Jam games

Games created within the blink of an eye during various game jams.

Green Gold 2

A documentary exploring individuals who are reviving swathes of degraded lands.

Films on Water

Films narrating stories on wells, lakes & waste management in Bangalore.

City of Espoo

Promotional short films made for the City of Espoo.

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