Civil War Postman

Project duration: Nov 8-10 2018
My role: Visual design
In collaboration with: Petri Majamäki (Programming), Jaakko Siren (Programming), Antti Koponen (Visual design), Matias Puronlahti (Audio design), Mikko Nykänen (Museum specialist)
Link: Windows version
You have been tasked to deliver mail for people caught inside Tampere during the civil war. Both sides think you are a military courier and are likely to shoot you. Watch for snipers on the windows and stay behind cover. Press mouse1 to deliver letter to mailboxes and use mouse wheel to cycle letters. Godspeed postman! This game was developed as a part of the Museo Game Jam 2018 held at the Museum Center Vapriikki, Tampere, Finland. Stamps related material and sources: Finnish postal museum.


Moon Orbit Picnic

Project duration: Jan 30-31 2018
My role: Level Designer and Developer
In collaboration with: Antti Ollikainen (Game art and Animation), Charles Quevillon (Sounds and Music)
Link: Global game jam 2018
Fun facts about bananas and doughnuts. How can these be transcoded while bouncing on the moon? A picnic seems like a great idea. Especially when bananas and doughnuts can be thrown without the omnipresent worry of gravity. It's more fun with two players. Share a computer, cooperate, decode, and enjoy! Moon Orbit Picnic was developed during the Global Game Jam in 2018. It took us 36 hours full of action, coding, drawing, singing, and heart-wrenching thertaritis! Don't feed the space dog!



Master's thesis about combating stage fright through a virtual reality game.


Capturing the tales of elves across Iceland through augmented reality.


A virtual reality game about regreening areas affected by climate change.

FLU - The game

Help the sneezing bird rescue eggs from the forbidden factory.

PC games

Several PC games that I have worked on using different game engines.

Holy Land

Interactive experiences centered around the conflict in the region.

Media Art

Providing otherworldly experiences and hacking genes through media art.

Jam games

Games created within the blink of an eye during various game jams.

Green Gold 2

A documentary exploring individuals who are reviving swathes of degraded lands.

Films on Water

Films narrating stories on wells, lakes & waste management in Bangalore.

City of Espoo

Promotional short films made for the City of Espoo.

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