Project duration: Feb 4th - 8th 2019
My role: Concept and design of the prototype
Funded by: CIRRUS
In collaboration with : Rebekka Ashley Egilsdóttir (Concept Design and inputs on Icelandic mythology) and Augustas Savickas (Visual Design)
Links: YLE Radio interview
In Iceland, around 90% of the elderly population believe in the existence of elves. One often encounters rocks within cities and towns that are not demolished because people believe in the presence of elves existing inside these rocks. However, the younger generation are slowly losing their connection to these stories and myths. During the CIRRUS workshop, our group came up with the idea of mapping all the rocks in Reykjavik and the stories of elves centered around them. We converted this concept into a game in which a player could walk around the city with their phone and trace elves in augmented reality. Once a player scans a rock using the game's app, an elf pops up on screen and narrates his/her story. Within the game, the elf may need to be fed or require other items in order to continue the story. The player can collect these items by contacting other players who are playing the same game. They may also visit other spots to find these items. Eventually, Huldufolk aims to connect folklore to a younger generation of Icelanders through the application of an entertaining location based augmented reality game.



Master's thesis about combating stage fright through a virtual reality game.


Capturing the tales of elves across Iceland through augmented reality.


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