FLU - The game

Project duration: Aug 2015 - Ongoing
My role: Programmer and Level Designer
Funded by: AVEK Digidemo
In collaboration with : Antti Ollikainen (Concept, artist and animator), Gabriela Juganaru (Audio Designer)
Links: Alpha builds
FLU follows the attempts of a sick bird to rescue eggs from the forbidden factory. Constant sneezing could hinder the bird on its journey or perhaps serve as an asset. While sneezing in a factory may alert the monsters on patrol, sneezing directly on a monster may spread the infection and kill it.
FLU is a platform game with several puzzles in each level. The story of the game is based on the comic book by Antti Ollikainen here.
The game is now in its marketing phase and scheduled to be released during September 2020 on the Play Store, iOS Store and Steam.



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FLU - The game

Help the sneezing bird rescue eggs from the forbidden factory.

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